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Good advice is always good to have. Especially when it's free.

Whether you're after start-up help, tips on running a small business, cybercrime advice, or updates on the latest rules and regs, we've got it covered.

How Growth Vouchers can help your business

The government has just released its Growth Vouchers scheme. This offers small businesses the chance to get up to £2,000 of business advice funding.

Intellectual property rights: what you need to know

Not all breaches of intellectual property rights are covered by professional indemnity insurance. Here's how to avoid a claim, and protect your own work.

Self-assessment tax returns for beginners

The deadline for completing your self-assessment tax return online is 31 January. Here's our guide to what it is, and who needs to complete one.

Book review: How to be a Productivity Ninja

Here's our review of Graham Allcott's new guide How to be a Productivity Ninja. It offers great advice on time management and organisation for SMEs.

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US contracts and professional indemnity insurance

Not all professional indemnity insurance policies cover US and Canadian contracts. Here's our advice for making sure you don't get caught out.

How to use stock images safely

Blogger? Graphic designer? Web designer? Image user? Make sure you get the right licence or risk a hefty fine. Here's how to use stock images safely.

How your office affects your people

Too dark? Too cramped? Too cold? Is your office environment hindering your business? Here's what you can do about it.

Protecting yourself against cybercrime in a digital age

In this digital age, crime has gone all high-tech on us. Here's how to protect your business from the worst the internet has to offer.

How professional indemnity claims work

How long does the professional indemnity claims process take? What happens? Who do I talk to? Here's all you need to know.

How to get social media for small business wrong

Social media is waiting, ready to trip the unwary and humiliate the uninitiated. Here's how unguarded remarks and ill-judged comments can come back to bite.

RTI: a break for small businesses

In an uncharacteristically helpful move, HMRC have agreed to relax the reporting arrangements for those employers affected. For now at least.

What does an insurance broker do?

Google 'what does an insurance broker do?' and you'll get answers like: 'acts as an intermediary between the insurer and the client'. Great. And?