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You don’t have to be an insurance genius to protect your business.

You just need to know someone who is.

Problem solved.


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A guide to insurance for photographers

Focused help

It’s likely you need at least some insurance. Most photographers do.

Google ‘ professional photographer’s insurance’, however, and you get lots of people wanting to sell you stuff, but not many people wanting to tell you stuff.

And that’s no good for anyone. So here’s our no-nonsense guide to insurance for photographers.


Insurance for your mistakes

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What's an employer reference number?

Don’t know what an employer reference number is? Not sure why you need one? Can’t remember if you have one?

No problem. Here’s why your employer reference number (ERN) is important; to you, to us and to your insurance.

(Warning: acronyms ahead. Lots of them.)


What’s an ERN?

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