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You don’t have to be an insurance genius to protect your business.

You just need to know someone who is.

Problem solved.


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Cyber insurance for virtual assistants


Real protection in a virtual world

This unfortunate victim of cybercrime had successfully made the transition from PA to VA. She’d built up a list of clients, invested in the latest IT to make sure she was fully ‘virtual’ and kept her skills up-to-date.

Shame she didn’t keep her IT security as up-to-date as her skills, then.


Easy mistake

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What's an employer reference number?

Don’t know what an employer reference number is? Not sure why you need one? Can’t remember if you have one?

No problem. Here’s why your employer reference number (ERN) is important; to you, to us and to your insurance.

(Warning: acronyms ahead. Lots of them.)


What’s an ERN?

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