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Insurance explained

How are insurance premiums calculated?

Feel like your insurer is just pulling numbers out of thin air? Exactly how are insurance premiums calculated? Here's what you need to know.

Cyber insurance for management consultants

Find out how cyber insurance for management consultants saved one unlucky person from a tricky data breach. And the costs that came after.

Cyber insurance for marketing agencies: case study

How cyber insurance for marketing agencies provided business-saving support after an embarrassing data breach.

What insurance do contractors need?

What insurance do contractors need? It's a simple question but it might have you scratching your head. Our guide has all you need to know.

What is business legal expenses insurance?

Not quite sure what business legal expenses insurance is for? Here's a quick explanation about how it can help.

What insurance do I need to open a coffee shop?

Run a coffee shop, café, tea room, or anything in between? Our guide has everything you need to know about coffee shop insurance.

What insurance do personal trainers need?

You help clients achieve their ultimate fitness goals. But what insurance do personal trainers need to keep their business in great shape?

What insurance do self-employed tradesmen need?

What are the nuts and bolts of insurance for self-employed tradesmen? Who needs it, and what does it cover? Find out.

Do I need insurance at a coworking space?

Using a coworking space is great for networking and saving money. But what insurance do you need when using them and why? Find out here.

Public liability insurance for the self-employed

Public liability insurance matters when you're self-employed. It pays to fix damage to people or property caused by you - wherever you are.

Does your business need stock insurance?

Does your business need stock insurance? Find out why it might be just what you need when a flood, fire, or theft strikes.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Do you know what public liability insurance is? Do you know if your business needs it? Find out what it does and how it works...