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insurance explained

Professional indemnity cover: 5 reasons you don’t need it

You might think you need professional indemnity cover, but we're going to give you five solid reasons why you don't. And we're serious. Really.

Insurance for interior designers explained

How does insurance for interior designers help? It's a friend with deep pockets if things go wrong - because there's no use crying over spilt paint.

The ‘C’ words: cyber risks and cybercrime are here to stay

Our cyber risks report covers what small businesses think about cybercrime, and why we should really be talking about cyber recovery instead.

Going it alone: self-employed insurance

You might be surprised by how much self-employed insurance you need, considering it's just you. It all depends on what you do, where you do it, and how.

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What is civil liability?

Civil liability is being responsible for actions and practices that could damage others, but that aren't criminal. As a business, that matters.

The Insurance Act 2015 explained

This is one of the biggest changes to insurance since, well, ever: here's The Insurance Act 2015 explained. Or at least, the important bits.

How does a broker help with insurance claims?

Why should you use a broker? You'll find out when you need help with insurance claims. Here's why they're the difference between a claim being paid or not.

Do sole traders need employers’ liability insurance?

Knowing exactly what sole trader insurance you need can be confusing. Do you need employers' liability insurance? Well, maybe. Find out for sure...

What legionella assessments mean for your professional indemnity insurance

Many estate & letting agents don't realise their professional indemnity doesn't cover them for doing a legionella assessment. Here's what you need to know.

Why insurance for online retailers is a good buy

What makes insurance for online retailers a good buy? Probably the fact it helps to keep your virtual shop open all hours. Here's how...

What’s the difference between legal indemnity and professional indemnity insurance?

There are two different types of indemnity insurance. Which one do you need? Legal indemnity insurance or professional indemnity?

10 ways to help get your business insurance claim paid

Your insurer decides whether to pay a claim. So it's worth keeping them happy. Here's 10 top tips to help ensure you get your business insurance claim paid.