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Insurance for immigration consultants explained

All you need to know about insurance for immigration consultants – what you need, why you need it, and how much as recommended by the OISC.

Go Solo: 5 tips from Ashtons Legal

Not getting the legal stuff in place when starting a business probably isn't a shortcut you should take. As part of Go Solo, Ashtons Legal explain why.

Go Solo: 5 tips from Ensors Accountants

Money, money, money. No business can survive without it. Ensors Accountants know it, and much more besides. Here are their top 5 going solo advice tips.

5 mistakes to avoid when running an online business

Selling online can be tricky. Here's how to avoid five of the biggest mistakes people make when running an online business.

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Risk management for PR professionals

No such thing as bad publicity? Hmm. Here's some PR risk management tips on staying on the right side of your client and keeping your reputation intact.

Micro Biz Matters Day: Our 8 tips for success in 2016

We're proud to be supporting the Enterprise Rockers' Micro Biz Matters Day. To celebrate, here are 8 tips for a successful 2016. 

Insurance for environmental consultants explained

What insurance do environmental consultants need? Well, might as well start with professional indemnity. Here's why.

What 2015’s spending review means for small businesses

This year's spending reviews has some big implications for small businesses. Here's our take on what's going to happen over the next few months.

Insurance for education consultants explained

Deciding how much education consultants' insurance you need is a simple matter of educating yourself about risk. Don't learn the hard way, basically.

Do I need employers’ liability for freelancers?

Here's a business insurance question we get asked a lot: do I need employers' liability for freelancers? Here's the answer we tend to give: it depends...

Do I need employers’ liability insurance for work experience students?

The wellbeing of every member of your workforce is your responsibility. Here's why you need employers' liability insurance for work experience students.

Your business story: Open to Create…

We love hearing the stories behind our customers' businesses. It helps us protect them better. Plus, we're nosy. Here's Anna, from Open To Create...